The Cage : West 4th Street, New York

  "These courts serve as a basketball mecca not only in Manhattan but far beyond the City lines as well. Home to "the Cage", a smaller-than-regulation court that hosts intense pick-up basketball games, the asphalt is also the site of a popular tournament that draws players from around the world.


Basketball has been embraced by New Yorkers since the sport's beginnings in the 1890's, and today there are well over 100 courts in Manhattan parks alone. Known for the high quality pick-up basketball games played daily at the site, several NBA players got their start at the West 4th street courts." 

                                                                                                  From plaque 6th Avenue/ W4th street  


Those that step in are transported into another world: first the oppression of the metallic prison  and the interrogative glances of the regulars, then the goose bumps  – adrenaline rushing.  The W4th playground is a world of contradictions – a microcosm of freedom inside a cage.


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