EDF Book

Commissioned by EDF (Électricité de France) Lorraine.

EDF Lorraine approached me to photograph their power plants in Lorraine to make a book about the past, the present and the future of Thermal Power Plants in Lorraine.
The 4 plants involved were :  
- The Richemont power plant was run by coke oven gas  coming from different iron and steel industrial sites. At the time of the pictures it was being demolished.
- The La Maxe coal power plant
- The Blénod coal power plant
- The new Blénod combined cycle gas turbine power plant. that was about to be finished and was in test running at the time of the shooting.
The book was made to honor the history of these plants that were made during the coal/iron gold period of Lorraine and to welcome the new generation combined cycle gas turbine power plant.

(The book wasn't available for sale and was intended as a gift to the EDF staffers)



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