Ibidem is a project about globalization, about the lack and the loss of roots, about the mutation of cities.

I started this project in New York in 2002 after realizing that the pictures I took at the time could have been shot in some of the other cities I had lived in. Back to Milan I confirmed my first intuitions and decided to continue shooting other  “global” cities. The project, published as book in July 2014, includes the following cities: Los Angeles, New York, London, Paris, Milan, Berlin, Singapore, Hong Kong, Shanghai, and Tokyo.

The idea is to create a virtual city, mixing of all the photographed metropoles, that depicts the transition cities are going through today.

I am Italian, I was born in Genova (Italy) but I never lived there. I grew up in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, where I attended the French school. I graduated in Milan and I lived in Lisbon, Lille, Paris, Naples, London, Rome and New York. There I obtained the Documentary and Photojournalism certificate of the International Center of Photography; it followed my master degree in Mechanical Engineering (Politecnico of Milan).

This project aims at being a subjective point of view on the evolution of great cities. These are converging towards each other while distancing themselves from their countries of origin. It is my point of view, the point of view of  a  member of the so-called “international community” : a “displaced” person.

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